Posture explores the controversial world of competitive yoga. It follows several yogi athletes as they  compete for gold at the 2016 USA Yoga Federation National Championship. It’s not all zen for the many critics who consider competitive yoga offensive to the very nature of this ancient practice.



Nathan Bender

Nathan Bender is a self-aggrandizing documentarian and holier-than-thou journalist. He has been a lifelong storyteller ever since he started calling himself one. He is incapable of misrepresenting himself, especially now as a credentialed seeker of truths. On everything from ice cream to the cultural misappropriation of yoga, you can trust Mr. Bender to get the real #scoop.

Daniel A. Nelson

Daniel A. Nelson is a documentary filmmaker from San Francisco. In addition to Posture, Daniel is working with Oscar-nominated director David France on an upcoming documentary called Sylvia & Marsha about the transgender movement. He also works as a digital producer at Bleacher Report.