Aged and Confused

With 90 days left until he ages out of foster care, Alex Jimenez needs to find a home, or risk going back to the world he’s trying to escape. (a film by Christina Shaman and Anakha Arikara)

Back from the Brink

After war the effects of PTSD profoundly impact soldiers and their loved ones. (a film by Dustin Jones and Emma Pettinga)

Curtain Up!

Asian-American kids break stereotypes as they break a leg in a national debut production of ‘Frozen Kids.’ (a film by Hui Tong and Kelly Ng)

Hear Us Out

Never underestimate the power of words to change the world. (a film by Akintunde Ahmad)

Holding Fire

Holding Fire is a behind-the-scenes look at the work of a grassroots Muslim activist in South Brooklyn during a time of unprecedented Islamophobia. (a film by Hana Elias and Eleonore Voisard)

In Circles

Fighting for a school where success is not graded. (a film by Diana Chan and Christina Kelso)

The New Sisters

Meet three young women making the radical choice to become Catholic nuns. (a film by Alexandra Ostasiewicz and André Martins)

The Vet Van

In a city with skyrocketing cost of veterinary care, a mobile vet clinic helps pet owners heal their closest companions. (a film by Lizzie Mulvey and Sarah Jenks)