Guanajuato Norte

A man from Guanajuato, Mexico who crossed the border to work on a farm in Connecticut contends with being away from his family for years to help support their dreams and build a new life for them. (a film by Ingrid Holmquist and Sana A. Malik)

Mi Isla

Mi Isla is the story of Ezequiel Ferrer, a Puerto Rican teenager displaced by Hurricane  Maria and his journey between the island and New York City, and the relationships he forms at a boxing gym in the South Bronx. (a film by Hiba Dlewati and Lisbeth Perez)

One of the Band

The story of Chimbala, Julania and the Esperanza Latin Band, where music has given immigrant teenagers a safe haven as they find out what it really means to achieve the American Dream. (a film by Caterina Barbera and Davi Merchan)

She’s Not a Boy

Tatenda Ngwaru left Zimbabwe with sixty dollars and the hope that she would finally find a place she belonged. But for an asylum-seeking intersex woman, even a diverse, queer-friendly city like New York is a hard place to make home. (a film by Yuhong Pang and Robert Tokanel)

Something to Say

Bryan Charles Kimes has a lot to say, but the power of language escapes him. Lost in a public-school system that does not suit his needs, his parents fight to help him find his voice. (a film by Abby Lieberman and Joshua Lucas)

Trouble Finds You

Kraig Lewis was on had a plan, get his son out of the rough streets of New York and finish his MBA. Instead, his life gets derailed when he gets indicted in New York's largest gang takedown. Now, he has to find a new path. (a film by Stephanie Tangkilisan)

Worthy of Love

Worthy of Love chronicles the life of an African American Muslim who fought drug addiction, HIV and found love from his near ones. (a film by Si Chen and Zainab Sultan)