For Her Service


For Her Service follows the stories of Audonelle Loreto and Roshell McHenry, whose journeys give voice to an underrepresented population: women who have found it difficult to transition back into civilian life after serving the military. Whether they have experienced severe post traumatic stress disorder, like Audonelle, or substance abuse, like Roshell, these women have had to face demons that contributed directly to their fall into homelessness.



Debanjali Bose

Debanjali Bose is a graduate from Presidency University in Kolkata, India, where she studied English Literature. During that time, she interned with Indian media houses like NDTV and The Statesman. Earlier this Spring, she produced her first documentary with Lani Chan, another graduate of the documentary program. It focused on gun violence in Harlem, and was told from the perspective of an ex-convict who is now a pastor. She currently works for The News Literacy Project.


Jacob Rusek

Jacob Rusek graduated from New York University with a degree in Semitic Linguistics & Middle Eastern Studies. He came to Columbia Journalism School to sharpen his skills in filmmaking after finding his interest while abroad in Lebanon. He is a part-time student who is currently working at Hedgefund Intelligence while completing his final year of study.



Deborah Wong is a graduate of Boston University, where she studied journalism and international relations. She focused on photojournalism, and decided to hone her video-storytelling and documentary filmmaking skills at Columbia Journalism School. She is currently a video intern at MSNBC.