Through the Fire


Through the Fire tells the story of recovering drug addict Luis DeJesus, who is trying to stay clean while coming to terms with a family where abuse and neglect stretch back generations.

Through the Fire was the recipient of the Joyce A. de Groot Award.  



Nyasha Kadandara

Nyasha Kadandara is a Zimbabwean-born multimedia journalist based in New York.  Nyasha's work has covered a broad spectrum of areas including breaking news, human rights, ethnic communities and sports.  She recently finished production of a short documentary addressing the themes of child abuse and addiction.  Nyasha is currently the Columbia Fellow at Al Jazeera English in Doha, Qatar.  


Olivia Lace-Evans

Olivia Lace-Evans is a British multimedia journalist specializing in human rights, religious and international reporting.  Her work has been featured in publications including The Sunday Times, The Washington Post, The Observer, Religion News Service and BBC.  She is currently completing the BBC Fellowship in Washington, DC.