Marathon Men


Marathon Men looks into the lives of three young men on the autism spectrum.  The film explores how all three men and their families have found meaning and purpose through running.  

While ordinary tasks we take for granted represent huge daily challenges for these young men, they are all taking on a challenge most people find difficult or impossible to complete - they will be running the New York City Marathon. 

With a no-nonsense coach who refuses to treat his athletes differently because of their disability, and a group of parents pushing back against the isolation that comes with autism, Marathon Men will capture the frustration, perseverance, inspiration and competition of these three captivating characters.  



Raza naqvi

The events of 9/11 encouraged Pakistani Raza Naqvi to use journalism as a tool to explain the world around him.  Since then, Raza has spent six years as a producer and anchor with Voice of America's (VOA) Urdu Service in Washington, DC.  He has reported and produced three short documentaries.  



Sara obeidat

Sara Obeidat is the inaugural FRONTLINE-Columbia Abrams Journalism Fellow. Prior to graduating from Columbia Journalism School’s documentary program, Sara was a producer and reporter for 7iber, a Jordan-based multimedia storytelling platform.  She was a student at the London Film Academy, where her short film on the Syrian revolution was screened in the student portion of the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Sara has interned at Rain Media, where she worked on the FRONTLINE film Obama at War, and the Documentary Group, where she worked on outreach for the film Girl Rising. Sara is a native Arabic speaker from Jordan.