Blind Date


Technology is transforming  the way we hook up, date and find love.  Mobile apps like Tinder, and websites like OkCupid, whet our appetite for instant visual gratification.  But, if you're single and blind, like Nefertiti Matos, you face a distinct set of challenges.  A digital divide has emerged between sighted and blind people in search of love.  Blind Date is a short documentary that follows three blind New Yorkers on their quests for lust and love in the digital age.  





Maya Albanese

Maya Albanese is a multimedia reporter and filmmaker covering sustainability, music and technology.  Her work has been published on The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Coffee Talk, World Tea News, Fresh Cup Magazine,, Heritage Radio, NBC News, Telluride TV, and the Today Show.  She speaks Spanish and French, and her work, studies and travel have taken her to 30 countries.  




nicole ellis

Nicole Ellis is a multimedia journalist and filmmaker based in New York.  She is also the founder of, an interactive travel website that facilitates cross-cultural dialogue and documents her journey around the world to over 20 countries over the course of two years.  She has written, directed and produced short documentary videos profiling New Yorkers who have overcome challenging economic or social circumstances.