The Vet Van

Lucy’s labrador has lost 25 pounds. Tabitha’s chihuahua has a deadly virus. Both are living on public assistance. The Vet Van is their only option, and they have to make tough choices to save their four-legged family members.



Lizzie Mulvey has a background in social science research and journalism. She completed her first master’s degree from Columbia University, where she studied sociology with a focus on housing insecurity and public health. Now in the documentary program at Columbia Journalism School, she is making character-driven films that explore diverse social issues.


Sarah Jenks is a journalist and storyteller working across multiple mediums: photography, radio, print and video. Her love of animals dates back to her childhood, when she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian and animal rescuer. Currently a student at the Columbia Journalism School, she studies documentary film and spends her days filming dogs.