Mi Isla

Mi Isla is the story of Ezequiel Ferrer, a Puerto Rican teenager displaced by Hurricane Maria and his journey between the island and New York City, and the relationships he forms at a boxing gym in the South Bronx.


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Hiba Dlewati is a Syrian American journalist and filmmaker. She was born in Flint,  Michigan and raised in Damascus, Syria. Hiba has covered the Syrian conflict and refugee crisis since 2014 from ten countries, as a National Geographic Fulbright Digital  Multimedia Storytelling Fellow and as a freelance journalist and producer. During her  time at Columbia Journalism School, she reported on the families displaced and  separated by Hurricane Maria and the Puerto Rican diaspora. Hiba is a 2018 Overseas  Press Club Foundation Scholar. 


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Lisbeth Perez is a multimedia journalist and  documentarian from New York City. She graduated  from Ithaca College with a Bachelors of Arts in  Journalism, where she worked for the school  newspaper, The Ithacan, and campus television news  network, ICTV. Lisbeth is currently a documentary  filmmaking student in the M.S. program at Columbia  Journalism School, where she is focused on social  and political issues in the Caribbean and Latin  America.